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The Lane Law Firm is a full service law firm practicing in the state of South Carolina. We handle every client's case in a professional manner and our staff takes a personal interest in each case with a commitment to deliver quality legal representation.


Facing legal problems? We can help you navigate the following areas of law:


Family Law


There’s more to Family Law than just paperwork and legal procedures. Divorce, child custody, alimony, visitation and child support rights are just some of areas that can create complex problems for people who are facing these issues. While it may not be easy for you to handle the emotional aspects attached to these family issues/problems, our Office will ensure you get the best possible solution to your problem as quickly as possible.


We always prepare each case for trial, no matter the complexity or simplicity of the issues. It is our opinion that if a case is treated as if it will be tried before a Family Court, then it helps provide more leverage for the case to settle.


We will litigate your case in court trial if it becomes necessary for the outcome of your case. Our sole aim is to help you get a just and acceptable solution to your issue.

The Lane Law Firm has experience in handling the following Family Law matters:


  •     Custody/Visitation/Support
  •     Divorce
  •     Paternity Challenges
  •     Juvenile Law/Adoptions
  •     Visitation & Custody Modifications
  •     DSS initiated actions and defense of Parents
  •     Contempt of Court Actions
  •     Division of Marital Property & Alimony
  •     Separation Agreements / Settlement Agreements


Guarantee you get from us:


  •     Honest and accurate assessment
  •     Free initial Consultation
  •     Personal attention to your case
  •     Dedicated experience in all areas of Family Law
  •     Efficient service without wasteful billing to your case


Your family law issue is different from everyone else’s. That’s why it’s even more important to consult a dedicated family law attorney who takes time to understand your issue in great detail before offering you a satisfactory solution.

Personal Injury Law


If you or someone in your family has been seriously injured in an accident caused by someone’s negligence, you can seek help from our experienced personal injury lawyers at our Columbia based law office.


Our practice emphasizes prompt and intensive investigation of the circumstances of your accident. That way you have the best possible chance of proving liability not only against the most obvious defendant but also against any other party whose negligence might have played a role either in causing the accident or in aggravating the extent of your injuries.

We represent clients in personal injury and wrongful death litigation involving:


  •     Auto accidents, including collisions involving pedestrians and cyclists
  •     Motorcycle accidents, including passenger injury claims
  •     Truck accidents, including logging trucks, tanker trucks, and other semi tractor trailer combinations
  •     Accidents involving commercial vehicles, such as light duty trucks, and courier service cars
  •     Recreational and boating accidents, including ATV and snowmobile accidents
  •     Aviation accidents involving commercial airlines, private planes, and helicopters
  •     Construction site accidents, such as falls, injuries caused by unsafe equipment, vehicle accidents, and electrocution
  •     Workplace accidents in factories, warehouses, retail or office buildings, and on delivery or maintenance routes


Accidents can create havoc in your life. So speak with us to know your rights and options today!


Criminal Defense Law


Being charged for any criminal offence is a terrifying experience and can lead to job loss, a record or even a jail term. Whether somebody has been charged with DUI, drug offenses, immigration or other crimes. You need to know your rights and must act to protect them. But just knowing one’s rights won’t do any good to them. It’s essential to have the support of an experienced and effective criminal defense lawyer who can defend your rights at the right time whether you are guilty, completely innocent or somewhere in between.

How we can help you in criminal cases?


  •     Work to get the charges dropped or lowered
  •     Ensure that no evidence against our client was obtained illegally
  •     Conduct a thorough pre-trial investigation
  •     Get help from a crime expert for our client’s defense, if possible
  •     Negotiate with prosecutors to minimize possible penalties


Fighting for a criminal case requires more than just experience and tact. It’s very important for the accused to act promptly as vital evidences can be lost, or witnesses may disappear or turn hostile. Act early to get help from a reliable attorney.


If you have been accused of a crime, speak with us today! Your timely action will help to ensure the best possible outcome of your case.


Wills & Probate


Estate planning gives you the opportunity to control events upon your illness, incapacity or death, for your family’s continued well being. Without proper planning, your assets may not be distributed in the manner you would have intended. You are entitled to prepare a will or trust that will distribute your assets in the manner you consider most appropriate.  Trusts can be a component of your will or a separate legal entity. It is beneficial to use trusts to avoid the probate process or to minimize estate and income taxes.


Estate Planning also includes power of attorney and healthcare directives. Estate Planning can be complex at times when people are not sure of the distribution process and the legal implications that follow thereafter. Your estate planning requirements are unique and need special attention to devise.


The Lane Law Firm can advise you to make the right choices to plan your assets such that you can preserve them and also benefit from minimum tax. I specialize in creating wills and trusts that benefits you in every possible way.

Areas we specialize in:


  •     Simple Wills
  •     Revocable and irrevocable Trusts
  •     Estate Planning
  •     Will Disputes
  •     Living Wills


For over 11 years, our professional staff has been offering sound legal advice in all the areas of law mentioned above.


Rid yourself of your legal problems today!


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