Lane Law Firm in Columbia, SC puts their client's best interests first.

Read through just some of the 5 star reviews from their clients.

Ryan Lane is one of the most hardworking and compassionate attorneys there is out there. In a critical point in the life of my family, Ryan did not hesitate to go to bat for us on more than one occasion.

We had a difficult case involving Family law. Many lawyers have a reputation for encouraging their clients to separate, which leads to divorce. Ryan encouraged my wife and I to reconcile, and it worked!

He knew more than I did what was best for my family and my marriage. He saved my children from abuse through his tireless legal work, and he also saved my marriage. If Ryan had not been so patient with my family, I might not be married, my wife and I expecting a miracle birth soon!

Regardless of what you may be going through right now, Ryan is the man who will provide expert legal advice with compassion and represent you with a fiery passion.

And, unlike many others who view clients as $ signs, Ryan is very negotiable when it comes to price and will work patiently with you regarding payment. He will save you money and stress. Ryan WILL remember you long after he represents you. He truly cares about his craft and would be an excellent choice for anyone! I call Ryan Lane an expert, but he is also a dear friend.

We enjoy his Christmas cards each year, and we wouldn't hesitate to work with Ryan again if the need ever arises. Thank you Ryan Lane!!

Scott Abrams