Defend Your Case for Visitation Rights

Defend Your Case for Visitation Rights

Contact a child visitation lawyer in Columbia & Richland County, SC

One of the most important decisions the court will make in a separation or divorce proceeding will be visitation rights. Child visitation law can be very complicated. You've struggled through enough during this difficult time. Let a child visitation lawyer from the Lane Law Firm fight for your full visitation rights in Columbia and Richland County, SC.

You deserve to spend valuable time with your children. Call the Lane Law Firm today at 803-790-9958 to let a child visitation lawyer defend your commitment to your children.

Protect the needs and wellbeing of your child

Child visitation law is a difficult decision for all parties involved. It is the duty of the legal system to always protect the best interests of the child. A variety of factors go into the final verdict, including:

  • Each parent's mental health
  • Each parent's ability to provide the child a safe and stable environment
  • Each parent's current employment

There are many more details to consider, but your child visitation lawyer's role will be to convince the judge of your overall desire and ability to care for your child. Don't risk your child's future trying to achieve this on your own. Contact us today to gain an experienced legal representative.